Welcome to a blog about young life. Whether you’re sixteen or sixty, I hope that you’ll stick around with me as I journey into my early 20s. I’m certain there will most certainly be ups and downs. So first off, thanks for following me on this crazy adventure.

When I first started this blog I intended for it to be fun, like a journal from me to you. Informal and light-hearted. Recently though, something that’s been weighing on my heart, possibly due to where I am in life, is that I hope my short little reads can bring healing to you. I can’t promise I’ll post every day, nor will they always be the words that you want to hear. But above all I want you to know you’re not alone in your struggles, emotions, or point in life. Although I would still love to share all my experiences for everyone, I think that’s where I’m going at this point in my life. It may change in a few months, or years, but for now, I think this world could use a little more love and acceptance.